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What's the best time to go on a self drive safari in Kenya?

The tourist seasons are December-January and July-August. The Great Migration of wilderbeast and zebra usually reaches Kenya's Masai Mara during July-September. October is the best time for a beach holiday, as there is less seaweed. The rainy seasons are usually in April-May and November. Some of the roads might be impassable parts of the year - often after the rainy season.

What's the roads like?

Driving conditions in Kenya and East Africa are not straightforward. There may be obstacles on your route like stones and trees. Roads can have quite violent corrugations and a lot of the tarmac roads are badly maintained. They often have terrible potholes. When it comes to signpost, you often have to rely on yourself and your map. If you are going on a self drive safari, please don't hesitate to ask us about your route and the weather / road conditions.

If I bring a driver or / and a chef, do I have to pay their parks fees, accommodations and food?

Yes, you are doing your own private safari with your staff, and you must pay all the staffs` expenses during your trip. (The staff will always bring their own tent and beddings if you are camping). Citizens normally pay a small park fee in most parks / reserves in Kenya..

How much do I have to pay in park fees in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda?

Kenya National Parks / Reserves run by Kenya Wildlife service (KWS)

Masai Mara national reserve, The triangle (Mara Conservancy)

Masai Mara national reserve, Sekenani and Musiara sector (County Council of Narok)

Ol Pejeta Conservancy, fees

Parks and Reserves run by Tanzania National Park Authorities (TANAPA)

Parks and reserves run by Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA)

Do I have to pay the fuel my self?

Yes. (Currently 125 KSH per litre). (Dec. 2011)

What is the fuel consumption of the vehicles (Range Rover/ Land Rover)?

A rough guideline is to expect 15-20 liters of petrol (RR), 10 liters of diesel (LR) per 100 KM.

If a breakdown occur, what do I do?

If you are going on a self drive safari, make sure that you get our telephone numbers before leaving the drop point. You should also pay attention to the vehicle instructions you get from our staff. If a breakdown occur, make sure that it is safe go out of the car - there might be dangerous animals around you (remember to bring enough water). See if you can handle the problem your self. If not - call our staff. Erikson Rover Safaris have a 24 hour break-down service, with a team of excellent mechanics.