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  Qty Out In   Qty Out In
Tent / Fly sheet Office use   Office use
Tent - 3 (4) adults       Salad bowl      

Mattress + sheet

      Tupperware (various sizes)      
Blanket - (for cold nights)       Sieve      
Duvet (single) + cover       Colander      
Pillow + cover       Thermos      
Kitchen Items Teapot      
Dinner plate       Sauce pan      
Side plate       Frying pan      
Pudding bowl       Cooking pot      
Knife       Egg frying spatula      
Beef knife (individual)       Plastic jug      


      Gas cooker      
Dessert spoon       Cool box      
Tea spoon       Coolers for cool box      
Drinking cup       Fire grid      
Beer mug       Oven gloves      
Wine glass       Washing-up basin      
Cognac glass (not available at the moment)       Drying cloth      
Tea cup       Jerrican with rain water      
        Other Items
Cork screw       Kerosene lamp      
Tin opener       Kerosene bottle      
Bottle opener       Camping table      
Scissors       Table cloth (masai)      
Meat fork for barbeque       Chair (safari style - heavy / big)      
Spoon (wood)       Stool      
Serving spoon       Washing line      
Spagetti serving spoon       Torch with batteries      
Fish slice       Jerrican (fuel)      
Balloon whisk       Items Provided
Soup ladle              
Garlic crasher       Jack X    
Sharp knife       Wheel brace X    
Bread knife       Spare tire (2) X    
Chopping board       Tools X    
Potato peeler       Tow rope X    
Grater (carrot/ cheese)       Panga X    
Potato masher       Fire extinguisher X    
Salt / Pepper pot       First aid kit (basic) X    
Tea strainer       Triangle X    
Egg cup              

Please print out the above list, fill in your needs, scan it, and mail it to sales@roversafari.com