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We are offering you rough 4x4 customized Range Rovers and Land Rovers with history and soul. They are, despite their age, in good condition and well maintained. All the cars have been stripped and rebuilt by our mechanics and all of them have roof hatches. (Most of the cars are bought from former Roving Rovers, and they are maintained by Rasta and his crew.) The "roads" in Kenya are rough, but our Rovers are built to handle these conditions. We do have, however a 24 hour back up team ready to help should a situation arise.


All the 4x4 Rovers are delivered with tools, jack, tow rope and two spare tyres. If required, we can provide you with jerry cans for fuel.

The environment and the driving conditions in East Africa are much more challenging than most clients are expecting. Our cars are old and they will need a lot of "love" and care, a knowledge most people with today's modern cars have forgotten. Based on our experience, we therefore require that new clients are accompanied by a driver (assistant) or a chef from Rover Safaris. Hiring a driver/ assistant or a chef does not mean that you are not allowed to drive yourself or go where and when you want to go. You are still the in charge of your safari. You have only just made your safari a little bit more comfortable and safe for your self.

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Our vision is that it should be easy and safe to rent a safari car far from home. There is no hidden extras or small prints when you have chosen Erikson Rover Safaris. We have furthermore few restrictions on where to go, or how far you go. (There might be an extra charge driving outside Kenya and Northern Tanzania). The whole 4x4 Rover fleet is covered by PSV insurance. We do recommend all our customers to have additional sufficient private insurance cover.

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You must present a copy of your passport and driving license before you are allowed to take out our cars. We will be pleased if you send it before you are leaving home.

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Owing to the potentially hazardous nature of a self drive safari, Erikson Rover Safaris shall not be liable for any damage, loss or personal injury whether or not caused or contributed to by our actions or omissions. You furthermore agree to indemnify Erikson Rover Safaris against any claim. You agree to treat the 4x4 vehicle with due care and attention. You shall each morning check the vehicle’s engine oil, water and tyres. The company reserve the right to refuse a hire without assigning any reason.   Rover safaris

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